Be Well: How to be happier and healthier in 2024

Be Well: How to be happier and healthier in 2024



These seven wellness trends will be everywhere in the months ahead.

Like years past, 2024 will bring with it a new wave of wellness trends, prompting us to examine our current physical and mental health – and question what needs to change. The months ahead will see us socialising more mindfully, practising self-care as a community, and travelling in a quest for holistic health. We're also leaving the 'no pain, no gain' mindset behind. Let's explore further, delving into seven wellness trends that will dominate worldwide.

Bits and Bites

Demotivated to move? Meet fitness snacking, a key fitness trend in the year ahead. Also known as bite-sized exercise breaks, it refers to short bursts of movement interspersed throughout the day as opposed to working out for 45 or 60 minutes at a stretch. If it elevates your heart rate, it counts. It's also ideal if you're ready to repair your relationship with exercise.

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Easy Does It

Gone are the days of pushing your body beyond its limits. Come 2024, low-intensity workouts (think: yoga, recovery, and Pilates) will take off, with a focus on mobility and stretching. Additionally, more people will join the fitness snacking bandwagon, breaking up their exercise regimens into smaller movements throughout the day.

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In Sync

In an increasingly sleep-deprived world, sleep syncing will go mainstream, with people paying a lot more attention to their circadian rhythms. Join them by avoiding heavy meals at night, turning to sleep aids like glycine, and going tech-free an hour before bed for better quality shut-eye this year.

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IRL Connections

With self-care practised in isolation during recent years, courtesy of the coronavirus, community-based wellness will take off in 2024. As a result, holistic health venues that help create offline connections through the likes of saunas, thermal baths, group workout classes, sports leagues, and speaker sessions will only grow in popularity.

Mindful Drinking

Dry January, Dry July, Sober October – people are increasingly giving up alcohol in the name of charity, reaping plenty of health benefits in the process. Incidentally, sober curiosity will only continue in the year ahead, with more wellness seekers looking for better alternatives to alcohol in the form of no- to low-alcohol drinks.

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Rest & Recreation

With travel returning with a vengeance in 2024, wellness retreats will continue to gain popularity, proving that a vacation doesn't always translate to leaving our diet and workout routines at home. As for what will trend at these immunity-boosting getaways? Art yoga, emotional detoxing, plant-based healing, and Gaga movement sessions.

Workplace Wellness

Employee well-being has become more important in a post-pandemic world, especially as the hybrid workplace model starts to dominate. This will lead to companies worldwide supporting workplace wellness through the likes of schedule flexibility, mental health days, mental health programmes, and anonymous pulse surveys in order to ensure people feel and perform their best.

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