25 UAE-nique glamping gems across the emirates

25 UAE-nique glamping gems across the emirates



Enjoy the perks of a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

If you're lucky enough to call the UAE your playground, then you're probably no stranger to glamping. Think camping with a touch of glam – all the swanky perks of a hotel, tucked away in nature's embrace. Now the UAE adds its signature luxury twist to everything and it's got some amazing glamping spots in store. So get ready for a dose of wanderlust and prepare to pamper your inner glamper at one — or maybe all — of these spots.

Anantara Al Sahel Villa Resort, Abu Dhabi

Nestled on Sir Bani Yas Island, the Anantara Al Sahel Villa is a remarkable glamping haven that offers a unique blend of safari-style luxury and natural beauty. Imagine waking up in a villa with a lush savannah, where indoor and outdoor living merges seamlessly. Be greeted by the gazelles as you unwind. Or venture on wildlife drives, encounter the rare Arabian Oryx and savour African-inspired flavours. This Abu Dhabi gem lets you reconnect with nature in style. 

GO: Visit www.anantara.com for more information.

Al Sahel Villa Resort

Arabian Nights Village, Abu Dhabi

Tucked amidst towering sand dunes, Arabian Nights Village invites you to step into the heart of ancient Arabia, to relive the timeless allure of the desert and immerse in authentic Emirati traditions. This place has a captivating courtyard, adorned with traditional watchtowers named Zakher and Al Manhal, paying homage to the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. With four distinct lodges, each echoing Abu Dhabi's cultural tapestry, you will be transported to the capital's past. Unplug and unwind as TV-free surroundings encourage you to experience true serenity.

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Bab Al Nojoum – Al Mugheirah, Abu Dhabi

Nestled within a vibrant biosphere, this enviro-resort destination promises an unforgettable journey filled with unique experiences perfect for friends and families alike. Choose your own adventure with a classic silver Airstream or a thoughtfully designed Cabin featuring a plunge pool, where sunsets are accompanied by sizzling barbecues, smores and endless memories. Complimentary bicycles are available for you to explore this glamping site. Here, even dining here is an adventure because you get to handpick your choice of prime meat.

GO: Visit https://babalnojoum.com for more information.

Bab Al Nojoum

Bab Al Nojoum – Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Nestled on the serene shores of Hudayriyat Island, this luxury resort invites you to nature. Choose from a captivating selection of beachfront lodges, cosy wagons, desert tents, or private pool villas – all thoughtfully designed for a touch of eco-chic elegance. Whether you're unwinding with family or friends, this is the go-to place for intrepid explorers. And you're welcome to bring your own gear if you want. Explore the desert and indulge in water activities by the sea. Or how about enjoying a good watch at the outdoor cinema — this place has got it all.

GO: Visit https://babalnojoum.com for more information.

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Banan Beach, Ras Al Khaimah

Get ready to soak up the sun and sea breeze at Banan Beach near Marjan Island. Now, fair warning: save this gem for cooler days as some of the tents are AC-free but hey, that's all part of the authentic experience. Plus, the tents are total Instagram bait. Get set to dive into dreamy pools and the dazzling beach during your stay. Calling all pet lovers – this beach is a pet-friendly haven so you can bring your entire family along, without leaving your furry friends behind. Soon, this place is going to be members-only, so snag your spot or drop by before the curtain falls.

GO: Visit www.bananbeach.com for more information.

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Bear Grylls Explorers Camp, Ras Al Khaimah

Now you must have heard of Bear Grylls — the adventurer who's done the most bizarre things in the wilderness, and convinced celebrities to do the same. Well, he has his own glamping site in the UAE where you can rediscover your primal instincts. The expertly designed cabins ensure you don't need any camping skills – just a sense of curiosity and the desire to explore. Operated by Bear Grylls' team of highly trained instructors and experts, the Bear Grylls Explorer Camp brings you programs inspired by Bear's own survival experiences. Developed with his dynamic methods and techniques, this place offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow in the great outdoors, all while staying overnight.

GO: Visit www.beargryllscamp.ae for more information.

Bedouin Oasis, Ras Al Khaimah

Step into a world of desert enchantment at Bedouin Oasis, the ultimate glamping haven nestled on Camo Road in Ras al Khaimah. With authentic Arabic decor combined seamlessly with a camping experience, say goodbye to discomfort. This place goes beyond the ordinary with a plethora of activities to keep you enthralled. From camel rides and sandboarding to captivating belly dancing and fire shows, the entertainment is endless. Discover the thrill of archery, falconry, and horseback riding against the stunning desert backdrop.

GO: Visit https://bedouinoasis.org for more information.

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Hatta Resorts, Dubai

Hatta Resorts is an amazing glamping spot with a variety to choose from. It's home to the region's first "trailer hotel" — the Sedr Trailers — where you can camp along the banks of Hatta Dam in luxuriously appointed trailers. Yearning for hilltop vistas? Damani Lodges, purpose-built into the stunning Hatta mountains, offers cosy retreats with private terraces. And if panoramic views tickle your fancy, the Hatta Domes Park houses 15 dome-shaped, permanent tent structures. Step out onto your spacious terrace with a private BBQ and fire pit, that is perfect for group gatherings.

GO: Visit www.visithatta.com for more information.

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JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabins, Dubai

Unleash your inner adventurer amidst the breathtaking Hajar Mountains at JA Hatta Fort Hotel's Terra Cabins, where the thrill of exploration knows no bounds. Embrace the rugged bike trails, conquer mountain summits, paddle through the dam's tranquil waters and ignite your senses with an array of heart-pounding activities. Recharge with a nightcap where you can retreat to your private terrace for an unforgettable mountain view experience beneath a canopy of stars. The chalet-style cabins boast peak views and plenty of light, which is great for the gram. If you want to stay in the mountains, but crave hotel-like amenities, do not fear. The cabin includes a rain shower, mini bar, on-demand multimedia projector and wardrobe.

GO: Visit www.jaresortshotels.com for more information.

JA Fort Hotel’s Terra Cabins

Kite Beach Center, Umm Al Quwain

Escape to Casa Mikiko, nestled at Kite Beach Centre in Umm al Quwain, where glamping takes on a whole new level. Settle into your snug hut, surrounded by nature's beauty and the tranquil beach atmosphere. Prepare for a day of excitement, from thrilling water sports to exhilarating kite surfing adventures – you get to experience all against the stunning backdrop of nature. And don't be fooled by those tents, they're your gateway to a haven of shade and tranquillity, perfect for unwinding after a day of sun-soaked escapades. At Casa Mikiko, nature and leisure seamlessly intertwine, creating an unforgettable experience.

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Longbeach Campground, Ras Al Khaimah

Set your sights on Longbeach Campground, and imagine a 300-metre beachfront wonderland, tailor-made for staycations, families, romance and squad goals. Take your pick from a range of chic tents and brace yourself for an all-inclusive adventure extravaganza. We're talking about a sun-soaked beach, a cool pool, a rejuvenating outdoor spa, heart-pounding water sports and even a floating theatre. You can also leave the little ones at the kids' club and bask in beachy bliss. We've got our eyes on the Sunset Terrace Suite, radiating homely vibes.

GO: Visit www.bmhotelsresorts.com for more information.


Mleiha Glamping, Sharjah

Soak in the cosy embrace of lavish 'Yurt' tents, located at the foot of the majestic Al Faya Mountain. Here, you can immerse yourself in the rich history of the region with complimentary access to the Mleiha Archaeological Centre. Enjoy a captivating 20-minute private stargazing session unveiling celestial marvels and as the dawn breaks, hop into their SUVs for a dune-bound sunrise escapade. Awaiting you back at the campsite is a picnic basket, ensuring you whip up your personalised breakfast amidst the desert's embrace. 

GO: Visit www.discovermleiha.ae for more information.

Sharjah’s Mleiha

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat, Sharjah

Located within the vast dunes of Sharjah, this glamping spot offers a unique blend of private tents that transport you back in time to the days of the Silk Road inns. Ideal for a family getaway, the resort exudes the warmth of an Emirati home, ensuring you feel truly welcomed. Each room is a canvas of Arabian culture and decor, leaving you with a treasure trove of memories. Witness the sunrise and sunset, painting the endless dunes in mesmerising hues and immerse yourself in the essence of ancient travellers as you partake in an array of captivating experiences.

GO: Visit https://myskhotels.com for more information.

Mysk Al Bader

Mysk Al Faya Retreat, Sharjah

Nestled amidst the captivating dunes, Mysk Al Faya Retreat beckons you into the heart of the UAE's desert. Venture deep into the desert and discover the epitome of Middle East luxury living. From the herbal room and salt pool to the tropical shower walk and spa, this place ensures a unique glamping adventure. Embark on an exploration of Mleiha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where history comes alive with Bronze Age tombs, ancient caves and pre-Islamic forts. Unearth camel skeletons, pottery, and iron tools showcased at the remarkable Mleiha Archaeological Centre and immerse yourself in the true essence of Arab nomadic culture.

GO: Visit https://myskhotels.com for more information.

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Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, Sharjah

Nestled on an island off Sharjah, this extraordinary glamping spot is more than just a getaway. With its lush mangroves, vibrant wildlife and a working conservation centre, you'll find yourself immersed in a truly unique ecosystem. Your journey begins with a private boat ride to the island, and as you arrive, you'll be welcomed into your private tent. Take a dip in your own plunge pool, relish bespoke dining experiences and embark on on-site and off-site adventures tailored just for you. This place offers a family getaway like no other.

GO: Visit https://myskhotels.com for more information.

Mysk Kingfisher

Mysk Moon Retreat, Sharjah

Nestled in the Mleiha desert, Mysk Moon Retreat offers chic domes and cosy tents boasting awe-inspiring desert views. By day, uncover the mysteries of Mleiha Fossil Rock and desert landscapes. As night falls, get lost in a starlit spectacle. Plunge into private pools, sizzle up barbecues on your terrace and embrace eco-conscious living with doorstep recycling. Perfect for couples as well as families, Mysk Moon Retreat is an ideal escape for a hands-on, luxury-filled desert adventure.

GO: Visit https://myskhotels.com for more information.

Mysk Moon Retreat

Pura Eco Retreat, Abu Dhabi

Brace yourself for the ultimate eco-adventure at Pura Eco Retreat, a tranquil haven nestled near Jubail Mangrove Park. Exclusively for adults, this serene getaway promises pure rejuvenation. Take your pick from stylish eco-domes or cosy native tents, all offering on-demand room service. With jaw-dropping natural beauty and captivating wildlife, this place invites you to kayak through mangroves, fat-bike along the beach or simply unwind on the pristine pool deck with mangrove vistas. It's an eco-paradise designed for your inner explorer and relaxation seeker. 

GO: Visit https://staypura.com for more information.

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Pura Jebel Hafeet, Abu Dhabi

Nestled within the breathtaking Jebel Hafit Desert Park in Al Ain, this glamping haven offers a spectrum of unique experiences that cater to wanderers and explorers alike. Discover three distinctive accommodation options, each designed to seamlessly blend modern comforts with the allure of the desert. In Sky Bubbles, slumber beneath the stars and immerse yourself in the desert's natural beauty through expansive windows. The all-inclusive Skylight Domes redefine luxury, boasting modern interiors and stylish exteriors. For an authentic connection with the desert, the rustic Heritage Tents pay homage to the landscape's sublime beauty.

GO: Visit https://jhdp.ae for more information.

Pura Eco Retreat

Starlight Camp, Dubai

Nestled in the Arabian desert, the Starlight Camp is one of the world's safest havens. Revealing the exact location to confirmed guests right before their arrival only, this glamping site offers to shuttle you in a 4x4. The best thing about this site is its lavish crystal roof tent — perfect for you and your partner. Privacy is paramount with air conditioning for the summer and heating for colder temperatures to ensure your comfort in every season. If you thought this place was an adult-only zone you're wrong.

GO: Visit www.starlight-camp.com for more information.

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Sonara Collection by Nara, Dubai

Nestled in the tranquil embrace of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve on Al Ain Road, this haven offers a concept like no other. Picture dune-shaped Nests, seamlessly blending into the desert tapestry — each offering a unique oasis for peaceful nights under the stars as part of The Nest package. For an evening of entertainment and fire shows, upgrade to The Sonara & Nest experiences and let the magic unfold. You've got to see it to believe it.

GO: Visit www.nara.ae for more information.

The Nest by Sonara

Sand Sherpa

Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Sand Sherpa is where adventure meets luxury. With the best camping trailers with rooftop tents, this glamping spot offers an experience unlike others. These trailers, refurbished from 15 years of army service, are the real deal. When the sun sets, unwind by the flames or venture on a guided nature walk with your personal guide – who knows, you might even catch sight of a scorpion or two. Upon sunrise, set out on a hawk walk and explore the ancient ghaf tree forests. 

GO: Visit www.sandsherpa.com for more information.

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Terra Solis, Dubai

Take your pick from three enchanting adults-only tent options, each offering its own slice of luxury. Rest your head under the stars in the Polaris tent, a spacious and beautifully adorned oasis of tranquillity. Or opt for the Perseid Lodge, boasting a private bathroom for that extra touch of comfort. For the ultimate indulgence, bask in the glory of the Orion pool lodges – a blend of elegance and desert charm. Here, your private pool becomes your sanctuary and the sprawling terrace offers a haven for relaxation and socialising where you can invite up to 10 guests. After all, Terra Solis is by Tomorrowland so you can expect some insane party vibes at this location.

GO: Visit https://terrasolisdubai.com for more information.

Terra Solis Dubai

The Dunes Safari & Camping, Ras Al Khaimah

Get ready for an unforgettable desert escapade in Ras Al Khaimah. Choose from extraordinary glamping options that promise an authentic Arabian adventure offering a cosy retreat with traditional touches. Whether you're up for dune bashing, camel trekking, or quad biking, thrilling activities await. Enjoy cultural delights like henna painting, Tannourah shows and belly dancing, followed by a delectable BBQ dinner and breakfast. Get lost in the desert's magic, ensuring a perfectly unique getaway.

GO: Visit https://thedunesuae.com for more information.

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The Green Planet, Dubai

Ever imagined spending a night surrounded by the lush beauty of a tropical bio-dome? Because The Green Planet gives you a chance to do just that. As the sun sets, you'll have the rainforest all to yourself, with cosy tents offering comfort amidst this vibrant ecosystem. Home to 3,000 exotic plants and animals, you can embark on a guided scavenger hunt, explore the secrets of nocturnal creatures and unwind by the twinkling lights with a nature-themed movie and marshmallow roasting at the cafe. Wake up to a magical morning, help feed the animals their breakfast and enjoy a complimentary morning feast before you head out for the day.

GO: Visit https://thegreenplanetdubai.com for more information.

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The Retreat, Fujairah

Nestled in the heart of Al Bidyah, Fujairah, The Retreat beckons with its unique glamping experience — The Glamp — that harmoniously blends luxury and nature. The Glamp is like a fancy camping area built with local stuff to keep things eco-friendly. The perimeter wall stands as a testament to human artistry, adorned with individually placed natural stones. These tents here are made to help you feel close to nature in a safe way. When you wake up, the sun shines gently into your tent. The cool plants and nice wooden furniture make you feel like you're part of the UAE's history. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to experience that?

GO: Visit www.theretreat.ae for more information.

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