20 of the UAE’s most impressive world records

20 of the UAE’s most impressive world records



The UAE is home to some of the biggest, best and most breathtaking world records.

This list of accomplishments will blow your mind whilst inspiring once-in-a-lifetime experiences to enjoy with your family or friends. 

The world's tallest building 

The Burj Khalifa climbs to a staggering height of 830 meters, towering over Downtown Dubai. The Burj is one of the World's most iconic structures, drawing visitors from around the World to Dubai. This building took six years to construct – from January 2004 to January 2010 – and encompasses 163 floors. The building features observation decks, restaurants, a luxurious swimming pool and the fashion-forward Armani Hotel Dubai. Perfect for tourists and locals alike, visitors can head to The Lounge for a dining experience high in the clouds.

UAE World Records

The world's tallest landmark sign

Dubai’s Hatta Sign smashed its way into the Guinness World Records book in September 2023. Perched atop the Hajar Mountains, the ‘Tallest Landmark Sign’ in the world — a towering 19.28-meter structure — has swiftly become a symbol of Hatta and its status as one of the UAE’s most picturesque regions. To put this achievement into perspective, the Hatta Sign surpasses the famed Hollywood sign, which stands at 13.7 metres. Like its American counterpart, this sign also lights up the night sky, adding to its allure.

Hatta sign

The world's highest suspended hotel suite

The St. Regis Abu Dhabi is renowned for its luxurious and glamorous hotel suites with private butlers. Yet this Abu Dhabi address prides itself on being home to the World's highest suspended suite. Positioned 200 meters above the capital, the appropriately named 'Abu Dhabi Suite' is positioned between the 48th and 49th floors of Nation Towers. The two-storey suite boasts a grand staircase leading to three royal bedrooms, a commodious living room adorned in gold and velvet design, a dining room, a library, private cinema, a gymnasium and even a spa.

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The world's furthest-leaning artificial structure 

Abu Dhabi's Andaz Capital Gate is just as eye-catching from the inside as it is from the external facade. Also known as the 'Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi', Andaz Capital Gate was designed to incline 18° west whilst rising 35-storeys to a height of 160 meters. In addition to the hotel, which takes over the 18th floor and above, the cobra-shaped building features ample office space and has become a landmark on the Abu Dhabi skyline.

UAE world records

The world's tallest hotel 

Dubai is home to Gevora Hotel, a 356-meter-high building that is home to 529 leisurely suites and picture-perfect decor. The pristine, white and gold entrance leads to a selection of delicious dining experiences, a state-of-the-art health club and child-friendly pool decks. As the tallest vacation spot in Dubai, Gevora Hotel is the ideal spot to escape the chaos of the city.

UAE world records

The world's largest standing lantern

You certainly couldn't hold this lantern. Sharjah's Souq Al Jubail boasts a 13-meter-high lantern that is officially recognised as the largest lantern ever made. This warm welcome to the market invites customers to shop with its bold red glow. Initially, the Global Event Management Group built this replica for Sharjah's Ramadan celebrations in 2016 before becoming a permanent fixture at the entrance to the souq.

Souk Al Jubail

The world's biggest picture frame 

The Dubai Frame is a glamorous picture frame located in the picturesque Zabeel Park. The monument, museum and observatory features a lift that ascends 48 floors to a height of 150 meters, where a glass-floored viewing deck awaits. This worthwhile attraction opened in early 2018 and offers views of old Dubai on one side and a modern metropolis on the other.

Dubai Frame

The world's deepest swimming pool

The UAE is home to many swimming pools. However, Dubai has reached extreme depths with the opening of Deep Dive Dubai in 2021. The World's deepest swimming pool reaches an impressive depth of 60 meters and contains 14 million litres of fresh water. The attraction mimics a sunken city featuring submerged cars and rooms in an immersive experience for divers of all levels.

Deep Dive Dubai

The world's tallest observation wheel 

The stunning Bluewaters Island is home to Ain Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel on the planet. Reaching a staggering height of 250 meters, the record-breaking structure offers unique views of Dubai's iconic landmarks from 48 air-conditioned cabins carrying up to 1,400 passengers. One rotation takes approximately 38 minutes, allowing guests to witness spectacular city views from the JBR skyline to the Burj Al Arab.

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The world's largest flower arrangement 

Walk into a blossoming euphoria of colour and elegance at Dubai Miracle Garden. Here, more than 50 million natural flowers are arranged into impressive displays including horses, aeroplanes, elephants and more. The family-friendly attraction is home to dining options and roaming entertainment. 

Dubai Miracle Garden

The world's first and highest 360 infinity pool

Swim 200 meters in the sky at the FACT Award-winning AURA Skypool Lounge, situated on the trunk of Palm Jumeriah. The World's first and highest 360 infinity pool offers mesmerising views of Dubai's skyline and a sky-high experience you don't want to miss. Reservations are essential.

AURA Sky Pool

The world's longest driverless metro network 

Dubai's metro is one of the world's most rapid modern rail networks. Consisting of two routes (the red and green lines), the metro is a simple and quick way to travel around Dubai. This transportation network has been running for thirteen years and was opened by French operators – Keolis. 

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The world's largest vertical maze

The maze tower stands out on the Dubai skyline thanks to its unique and unmissable design. The fascinating building on Sheikh Zayed Road was developed by Al Rostimani and comprises 57 floors. The skyscraper is home to office and residential space, in addition to a rooftop swimming pool. From the outside, a vertical maze travels up the front and back of this building, exceeding a captivating global record as the world's largest vertical maze.

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The world's fastest rollercoaster 

Race through Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World at speeds of 240 kmph on the most intimidating rollercoaster in the World - Formula Rossa. This attraction opened in 2010 and has become a favourite for visitors to the UAE. In a matter of seconds, riders are thrust 52 meters into the air at exceptional speeds whilst offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ferrari World

The world's fastest spinning rollercoaster

Reaching speeds of 70kmph, the Now You See Me High Roller at Motiongate Dubai currently holds the title of the world's fastest spinning rollercoaster. Not for the faint of heart, the thrilling ride features a seven-storey vertical drop as riders race to expose the antics of a criminal mastermind. 

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The world's tallest indoor climbing wall

CLYMB Abu Dhabi, on Yas Island, is home to the world's largest indoor climbing wall. This uniquely shaped building invites adventurers to step outside their comfort zone and into a world of adventure. CLYMB welcomes guests of all ages and levels of expertise to enjoy each of the five climbing walls. Whether you are a climber or just enjoy the sport, the SUMMYT wall will be something you do not want to miss out on. Rising a whopping 138 feet high, there are thirteen routes to reach the top.


The world's largest indoor theme park  

Delve into a world of adventure and cinema at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. The Yas Island attraction features 29 fun-filled rides that are perfect for all ages. Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment, where you can meet your television heroes, from Tom and Jerry to The Flintstones family and Batman. 

Warner Bros World

The world's largest shopping mall 

The Dubai Mall is a colossal shopping centre with a range of top-tier shops to browse, beautiful indoor waterfalls and an aquarium – where over 400 fascinating underwater animals (like sharks, stingrays and fish) live in a ten million-litre tank. The Dubai Mall is also known for its proximity to the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) and the captivating fountain on Burj Lake.

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The world's longest zipline 

Plummet through the mountainous Ras Al Khaimah landscape, down a zipline at 160kmph. The world's longest zipline on the UAE's tallest peak takes a total of three minutes to complete and has been enjoyed by over 70,000 people.

Jebel Jais Zip Line

The world's largest golden ring 

Rosella Jewelry are producers of bracelets, earrings and rings with stores in Al Barsha and the Gold Souk. Their handmade accessories are impressive, but the gold ring in Deira's Gold Souk is like no other. The 21-karat gold piece, named Najmat Taiba, weighs 64 kilograms and has been crafted with crystal detailing. The unique ring was made in the year 2000 and has been valued at AED 11 million.

Najmat Taiba