Supper clubs in Dubai: Kunwal Safdar of Moreish By K on sharing stories through food 

Supper clubs in Dubai: Kunwal Safdar of Moreish By K on sharing stories through food 



The menu spans Punjabi and Persian cuisine, and includes artisan samosas.

Kunwal Safdar is the mastermind behind Moreish By K. She grew up in London and Dubai, and was surrounded by food. During Covid-19, she sent out soup care packages and created a community. After lockdown restrictions were lifted, the supper club, Moreish By K in Dubai, was launched. She shares: “The supper club was a natural extension of how I’ve grown up”. The menu showcases Punjabi and Persian cuisine, and her signature artisan samosas. She has served groups of families to friends, and looks forward to serving you. 

What was the inspiration behind Moreish By K?

When I was growing up, the kitchen was the centre of the home for family, friends and neighbours. My grandmother used to cook massive batches of food, no matter who was coming in and out. There was always a pot on the stove, snacks on the table and takeaway boxes. The buzz of that kitchen was embedded into me. The act of cooking for loved ones led me to a loving result. I can now appreciate it as unconditional love. 

Tell us about the dishes at Moreish By K.

My food is a reflection of who I am. Chapters are taken from my culture, and my understanding of flavours. Nostalgia and storytelling play an important role in connecting me to the food. We have influences of Punjabi and Persian flavours. Some are traditional family recipes and some of are my creations. We serve six to seven courses, which include some of our most popular items like our artisan samosas. 

Share something amazing that has happened at the supper club. 

I had a blind date at my table. They went on many dinner dates, which later led to a proposal at the same table. After they got married, they had their first meal as a married couple here. It is heartwarming when people come with their family and friends and share special moments with loved ones. 

Share something funny strange that happened at the supper club.

One guest tried to convince the table that she travelled with spirits. The whole table freaked out. 

What is the experience like at Moreish By K?

We have two offerings: the chef’s table for up to five people, and the prive for between eight to 16 people. I don’t like to stage things. The conversation is free-flowing, and the space is treated as a safe space to talk about anything. I steer it towards a feel-good night and guests leave smiling. Once in while I mix tables. Most of the time, the table is booked entirely by a group. 

If someone is thinking about visiting a supper club, share etiquette tips.

Turning up on time is encouraged. We serve when everyone is seated. Cancellations are a big bummer. Overall, it’s about being comfortable and treating the space as your own. So, whether that’s bringing a bottle or your own music. 

What are your ambitions for the supper club? 

I’ve always been focused on making commercially viable food products that tell a cultural narrative. My supper clubs give me a first-hand understanding of what people love, like and think. Pop-ups and events are always on the agenda, but I’m working on a series of successful products.

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