Enjoy breakfast at Tiffany & Co. cafe in Dubai

Enjoy breakfast at Tiffany & Co. cafe in Dubai



The Blue Box Cafe opened a dazzling dining spot in Dubai Mall.

Known for its opulence and luxury, Dubai has added another gem to its glittering culinary crown. A dining destination that's dripping with glamour has opened in Dubai Mall. Get your sunglasses ready, because the iconic jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. has bought its famous Blue Box Cafe to Dubai. 

It's time to ditch your regular to-go coffees and grab an 1837 Blue cup at the Blue Box Cafe, which is led by French chef Marion Lefebvre. Located in Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue, it can seat 38 people. With a stunning blue and white interior, this flagship café will transport you into the glamorous world of Tiffany & Co. – promising a stylish and sophisticated experience. 

Picture yourself indulging in a breakfast fit for a queen – and living out your ultimate Audrey Hepburn fantasy. Not only do you get a chance to literally have Breakfast at Tiffany's, but you can also try out Holly's favourites.

Indulge in delightful croissants, apricot danishes and French butter cakes. The dishes include Parfait Framboise with granola and raspberry coulis, and Egg in a Shell with scrambled egg, brioche and caviar. Plus, there is Avocado Toast, Caviar Benedict and Zaatar Croissant.

The venue has the same stylish vibe that made it a hit in London's Harrods, New York City and Hong Kong. You'll step into a wonderland of blue and white hues, matching Tiffany & Co's iconic shade. 

With its exquisite interiors, tempting treats and a sprinkle of Hollywood magic, the upcoming Tiffany & Co cafe is destined to become the ultimate hotspot for fashionistas. So, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Tiffany & Co. where breakfast takes on a new level of sophistication.

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