Internationally renowned SHA Wellness Clinic to open in the UAE

Internationally renowned SHA Wellness Clinic to open in the UAE



SHA Emirates is set to redefine how we look at health.

Now we all know that there's plenty to enjoy in the UAE. And while you might be out partying every night, sometimes, even you need a day of pure relaxation. And we've got just the news for you. A haven of health and tranquillity is making its way to the UAE. Welcome SHA Wellness Clinic's SHA Emirates, nestled perfectly between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. SHA Emirates, opening in 2025, is set to redefine the way we look at health, well-being, and relaxation.

SHA Emirates blends modern luxury with the natural environment. Elegant finishes, white curves, and cascading gardens create a unique atmosphere that complements the breathtaking landscape. The panoramic view of the sea will leave you breathless, offering the perfect setting for health care and well-being. 

Located strategically between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, SHA Emirates will be in the AlJurf area. This natural oasis offers residents an elevated sense of escapism perfectly aligning with the brand's ethos and lifestyle. Picture a serene coastal retreat, deeply rooted in UAE's history and natural beauty. Set amidst a lush forest of trees, this wellness centre promises to let you step back in time and relax. From tranquil beaches to flowing canals and lush greenspaces, you'll find a harmonious coexistence of local wildlife as well.

SHA Emirates, under the umbrella of SHA Wellness Clinic, isn't just another wellness destination. Their approach is more about achieving optimal physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in harmony with the environment. Bringing together a team of experts in fields such as nutrition, anti-ageing, holistic medicine, and more, they're catered towards improving life.

With an outpost in Spain and one opening in Mexico this year, SHA Wellness Clinic has earned numerous awards. It won the World's Best Wellness Clinic in 2022 and World's Best International Spa 2020.

So get ready to embark on a journey of wellness, rejuvenation and self-discovery. SHA Emirates is set to redefine the way you live.

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