A Korean Film Festival is happening in Abu Dhabi this month

A Korean Film Festival is happening in Abu Dhabi this month



Here's the epic lineup of films you can watch.

The Korean Film Festival is back, and it's about to take Abu Dhabi by storm. From 8 to 11 June, VOX Cinemas in Yas Mall will host this four-day event that celebrates the theme of companionship and aims to deepen the cultural exchange between Korea and the UAE.

The Korean Film Festival is here to deliver an unforgettable experience that will leave you engaged, moved and deep in thought. Whether you're into heart-pounding crime dramas or touching tales of human connection, this festival's got it all. So, without any more teasing, let's dive right into the epic lineup of films:

Hunt: 8 June 

When a high-ranking North Korean official seeks asylum, KCIA agents Park Pyong-ho and Kim Jung-do are tasked with uncovering a deeply embedded spy, Donglim, within their agency. As the spy starts leaking top-secret intel, the units are assigned to investigate each other, creating a tense situation where they could be accused themselves. Park and Kim slowly unravel the truth and must confront an unthinkable plot to assassinate the South Korean president.

Mission: Possible: 9 June

Woo Su-han, a money-hungry private investigator meets Yoo Da-hee, a rookie secret agent with a fat stack of cash. These two become an unstoppable force when they join hands to investigate an arms trafficking case, thus attracting more attention. But their operations only get trickier and they leave behind misleading clues that could land them on the wrong side of the law.

The Night Owl: 9 June

Kyeong-soo, a blind yet exceptional acupuncturist gains fame and enters a palace. Just as Prince So-hyeon returns home after years of captivity, the joy felt by King Injo is mixed with unexplainable anxiety. However, fate takes a sinister turn when Kyeong-soo witnesses the prince's death, setting off a perilous chain of events. Determined to uncover the truth, he unknowingly unravels a deeper conspiracy that puts his life on the line.

Pororo and Friends: Virus Busters: 10 June

Pororo discovers a menacing virus invading his tablet game and spreading into the real world. In a race against time, Pororo teams up with the brilliant inventor Eddy, who accidentally leaves the crucial vaccine behind. Determined to save everyone, Pororo fights the virus in the real world while searching for ways to assist Eddy. 

Confession: 10 June

Min-ho, caught up in an affair with his lover Se-hee, finds himself in a whirlwind of trouble when she is brutally murdered in a hotel. The plot thickens as there is no evidence of anyone else being present at the scene besides Min-ho. Suddenly, he becomes the prime suspect and desperately needs to clear his name. He hires a lawyer, Shin-ae, renowned for her unbeatable track record in court. With her help, Min-ho aims to uncover the truth and prove his innocence. Secrets start to unravel as Min-ho confesses that a fateful car accident they were involved in the day before the murder might hold the key to Se-hee's tragic demise.

Confidential Assignment 2: International: 10 June

Super-skilled North Korean detective Lim Cheol-ryung, dispatched to South Korea, is on a mission to take down this sneaky criminal gang. On the other hand, South Korean detective Kang Jin-tae finds himself reassigned to the Cyber Crimes unit after an undercover operation takes an unexpected turn. Just when they're ready to pounce on the criminal organisation's leader, Jang Myung-jun, FBI agent Jack, crashes the party.

Fanatic: 11 June

Filmmaker Oh Se-yeon, a huge fan of singer Jung, is a part of this documentary. When Jung got hit with a six-year prison sentence for his involvement in the notorious Burning Sun scandal and ended up waving goodbye to the entertainment industry, Oh set out to meet other fans who were going through the same whirlwind of emotions as herself.

Alienoid Part 1: 11 June

In 2022, a Robot Guard manages alien prisoners trapped inside human brains while raising a young girl named Ean on Earth. When an alien prisoner escapes, chaos ensues and the Guard and Ean travel back in time to fix things. Meanwhile, 630 years earlier in the Goryeo Dynasty, an older Ean seeks the Divine Blade, the key to time travel, while a magician named Muruk aims to claim the bounty on it.

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