Inside National Geographic’s exciting exhibition at The National Aquarium

Inside National Geographic’s exciting exhibition at The National Aquarium



The show at The National Aquarium shares the beauty and brilliance of marine life.

If you’re a sucker for the sea, then you’ll be excited to hear about the latest exhibition at The National Aquarium. National Geographic has created Pristine Seas: Bringing the Ocean Back, which is scheduled to open on 21 April in Abu Dhabi. 

Pristine Seas: Bringing the Ocean Back draws its inspiration from the National Geographic Pristine Seas project. Visitors can explore expeditions ranging from the tropical coral reefs of the Southern Line Islands to the icebergs of the Antarctic Peninsula. Plus, the exhibition highlights the importance of marine protected areas, and how teams support local as well as indigenous communities.

The National Aquarium will also host lectures by the National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition leader, Paul Rose. He will share his experience as a science diver and polar explorer. The lectures take place on 22 and 23 April and are free to attend. 

Tony Luckett, Vice President of Business Development at National Geographic Society, explained: “This exhibition is a testament to the Pristine Seas team’s unyielding commitment to safeguard the blue heart of our planet. The Pristine Seas team combines exploration and rigorous research with powerful storytelling. The goal of this exhibition is to immerse visitors in the beauty of the sea while reiterating why we must preserve it.”

Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer in Residence and Pristine Seas Executive Director, added: “To protect vital ocean places, we need to combine research with compelling visuals to inspire people through both minds and hearts. I am thrilled to bring over a decade of filming and science into the first National Geographic Pristine Seas exhibition.” 

National Geographic’s Pristine Seas: Bringing the Ocean Back will be on display at The National Aquarium for two years. 

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