How to see the rare green comet in the UAE

How to see the rare green comet in the UAE



The comet was last seen 50,000 years ago and is visible until 10 February.

We love the UAE night sky, but it’s about to get a little more spectacular. A rare green comet, which was last seen 50,000 years ago, will be visible in the sky. So, if you love a starry night, here’s how to see the green comet in the UAE. 

The green comet has the less catchy name, C/2022 E2 (ZTF). The green comet was visible to residents in the UAE in January. The comet was closest to the UAE – albeit, 26 million miles away – on 2 February. If you missed it, fear not, as it will be visible until 10 February. 

If you want to see the green comet in the UAE, it is best viewed with binoculars or telescopes. Plus, it’s also visible with the naked eye. 

We’d recommend giving yourself the star treatment and joining Dubai Astronomy Group’s special event. Taking place in Al Qudra desert, it’s a chance to join astronomy enthusiasts. Guests can watch a talk on how to observe a comet, learn about Arabian astronomy, sky mapping and stories of the constellations. There is also an opportunity to spot Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. The event takes place on February 4 between 6.30pm to 9.30pm, and costs start from AED 120. 

The green comet got its name from its glow, which is thought to come from the Oort cloud. The green glow comes from the lights of the sun and diatomic carbon. Some comets are more frequently on the scene, for example Halley’s comet appears every 76 years. So, the last time that the green comet was visible was in the Stone Age. 

Just look up. 

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