WhatsApp to roll out Channels feature for broadcast messages

WhatsApp to roll out Channels feature for broadcast messages



Meta says it will revolutionise the way you connect with others.

Hold onto your smartphones because WhatsApp is about to unleash a game-changing (or not?) feature called Channels. This addition, as Meta says, will revolutionise the way you connect with others on the app. 

Imagine having your own community feed where you can share messages, photos, videos and even conduct polls with your loyal followers. Like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Maybe not so groundbreaking after all, eh? 

So what exactly are WhatsApp Channels and how will they revolutionise the app? Unlike traditional WhatsApp conversations, Channels allow users to expand their network beyond their address book and discover new communities and follow accounts of interest.

One of the key advantages it offers is that it removes the requirement of sharing phone numbers to connect. Instead, WhatsApp Channels offer a searchable directory where users can find and connect with people, communities, organisations and topics that align with their interests. This broader reach fosters a sense of community and allows users to explore and engage with content beyond their immediate contacts. Yes, one more app to find out how much fun others around you are having while you're scrolling your life away

WhatsApp Channels

Privacy is a significant consideration for WhatsApp, and Channels provide an added layer of control. Users can set their Channels to "private," ensuring that they have full control over who can access their content. This privacy feature shields Channels from unwanted search results, empowering users to manage their online presence and protect their personal information. That being said, unlike Whatsapp Chats, Channels will currently not be end-to-end encrypted.

While Channels is currently strutting its stuff in Colombia and Singapore, rest assured that the rest of the world won't be left out. The global rollout is just around the corner, with the GCC ready to join by the end of this month or in July 2023.

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