Threads emerges as Meta's challenger to Twitter

Threads emerges as Meta's challenger to Twitter



Which one will you choose?

The social media world is about to witness an epic showdown. Instagram's brand-new app, Threads, has just crashed the party on Google Play, catching everyone off guard. Sure, it may have disappeared as quickly as it appeared, but not before developer extraordinaire Alessandro Paluzzi was able to capture screenshots, including a login screen that allows users to sign in with their Instagram accounts and another screen displaying followed accounts.

But here's the kicker: Threads is not just any app - it's a direct competitor to Twitter. It's poised to take on Twitter's throne, armed with an interface that bears an uncanny resemblance to the beloved bluebird app. We're talking character counts, attaching all sorts of media and a series of familiar icons for liking, reposting, replying and sharing posts. And let's not forget those adorable circular user images. It's like Twitter and Instagram had a baby and named it Threads.


Meta has been secretly crafting Threads under the mysterious code name 'Project 92' since the beggining of the year. Rumour has it that the app was born out of desperate pleas from creators and public figures who are craving a platform that's "sanely run." After all, the chaos on Twitter doesn't seem to end. So Threads will be all about providing a haven for those who crave order, reliability and a touch of sanity in their digital lives.

While an official release date for Threads has not been announced, its appearance on the Google Play store suggests its launch is imminent. Rumour has it that the app might be released as soon as this week but will it triumph over Twitter? Only time will tell.

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