Barbie's going to be fashionably late to the GCC

Barbie's going to be fashionably late to the GCC



Come on Barbie, let's go party.

Raise your hands if you're a millennial who's been counting down the days for the Barbie movie to hit cinemas. Well, our dreams are about to be shattered because those of us in the GCC will have a little longer to watch Barbie in cinemas.

"What?" That's exactly how we reacted too. According to VOX Cinemas and Roxy Cinemas, the release date of Barbie has been changed. The film, originally scheduled to release on 20 July - with the rest of the world - is now delayed. Fans can now watch it in theatres in the GCC on 31 August. That's over a month longer,

Film enthusiasts were eagerly anticipating the simultaneous release of Barbie and Oppenheimer, igniting a social media frenzy with debates and discussions about these contrasting pop culture events. The clash of these two releases had us on the edge of our seats, but now we'll have to channel our excitement and make the most of this extended waiting period, knowing that when Barbie finally graces the screen, it'll be a moment we won't forget.

But why the delay? The reasons behind this setback are still shrouded in mystery. But this isn't the first time a movie has played the delay game. The recent release of Scream VI saw a similar fate in the GCC.

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