Everything you need to know about Ramadan in the UAE

Everything you need to know about Ramadan in the UAE



This year, the Holy Month is expected to begin on 12 March.

Ramadan is a time of celebration and reflection for Muslims worldwide and in the UAE. It unites the community and brings about a profound sense of togetherness as everyone embraces the rituals and traditions of this Holy Month.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk for 29 days, following the lunar moon sighting. It's not just about abstaining from food and drink, it's a period of self-discipline and empathy, where negative thoughts and actions are also set aside. The fast serves as a spiritual cleanse, fostering gratitude and compassion.

Ramadan at Mövenpick

Devotion reaches its peak during Ramadan, with increased prayers and acts of kindness and charity. Laylat Al Qadr, the Night of Decree, holds special significance, as it marks the revelation of the Holy Quran to mankind. The last ten days are especially significant, with Qayam prayers held across mosques in the region as believers seek the Night of Decree and multiply their rewards.

A typical day during Ramadan starts with suhoor, a pre-fast meal shared with loved ones. As the sun sets, the call to prayer signals iftar, the breaking of the fast, where homes and restaurants alike prepare lavish meals. Dates and water are often the first items consumed, following the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Throughout the month, prayers, including the extended Taraweeh prayers, fill the evenings, fostering deep spiritual reflection.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on 12 March, based on moon predictions. During this time, adjustments are made across the UAE, with both public and private sectors reducing working hours. Schools shorten schedules as well.

Public etiquette during Ramadan encourages respect for those fasting, with refraining from eating and drinking in public during fasting hours. Many establishments offer special suhoor and iftar menus, promoting communal dining experiences. However, restaurants remain open throughout the day to accommodate non-fasting individuals, fostering inclusivity within the UAE.

As the UAE prepares to come together for Ramadan, residents and visitors alike will get to experience the essence of Islam and the warmth of Emirati hospitality. So gear up for the Holy Month as it brings an opportunity to connect with those around you.

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