Etihad Rail to redefine luxury travel across the Emirates

Etihad Rail to redefine luxury travel across the Emirates



Picture glamourous train carriages with Emirati and Italian designs.

Get ready for an exciting new era of luxury travel in the UAE. Etihad Rail has partnered with Italian luxury hospitality company Arsenale to introduce a magnificent luxury train service that will redefine the way you explore the Emirates. We're talking about a "rail cruise" experience that will transport passengers from Fujairah in the east to the breathtaking Liwa desert in Abu Dhabi.

With its 15 luxurious carriages, this remarkable train journey evokes the grandeur and elegance of legendary rail trips such as the renowned Orient Express. The carriages will be meticulously crafted in Puglia and Sicily, reflecting both Emirati heritage and Italian design expertise and ensuring an unparalleled travel experience. The introduction of this luxury train service also aligns perfectly with the ongoing development of the UAE-wide railway network. 

Etihad Rail has already opened the network for freight services and the passenger service is progressing rapidly. The luxury train experience aims to boost the tourism sector and showcase the country's diverse heritage and natural beauty to visitors from around the globe. It also promises to evoke a similar sense of elegance and adventure.

The UAE's venture into luxury rail travel follows a global trend of renewed interest in railway journeys, driven by the desire for sustainable travel and the convenience of avoiding airports. It's time to bid farewell to air travel and shift your gears to the right track.

With a growing focus on sustainable travel and the allure of scenic rail routes, the introduction of a luxury train service in the UAE marks an exciting development for tourism and transportation. As plans for the Etihad Rail passenger service and other international rail projects progress, travellers can anticipate a bright future for rail travel that combines timeless charm with modern luxury. 

All aboard for an unforgettable journey across the majestic landscapes of the Emirates.

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