BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi: A Hindu temple is opening in February 2024

BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi: A Hindu temple is opening in February 2024



The architectural wonder will be made from pink sandstone and white marble. 

The UAE is home to a multicultural society with people from different faiths. In the country’s commitment to cultural diversity and religious harmony and tolerance, Abu Dhabi will be welcoming a Hindu temple. Scheduled to open in February 2024, here’s what you need to know about BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi. 

BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi has been in the works for four years. H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE approved the project. Plus, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, which is famous for constructing temples around the world, is behind the design.

The temple draws its inspiration from a lotus in the desert. Located in Abu Mureikha and over 5.4 hectares, the structure will be made with pink sandstone and white marble. Reflecting other Hindu temples around the world, it has not been built with iron, steel or reinforced concrete. The structure includes 40,000 cubic feet of marble, 180,000 cubic feet of sandstone and 1.8 million bricks.

More than 2,000 designers in Rajasthan have been working for more than 400,000 hours on carvings in the columns. Standing at more than 108 feet tall, it will boast seven spires – each one representing an Emirate in the UAE. 

BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi

BAPS Hindu Mandir Abu Dhabi has been built in accordance with Hindu’s shilpa shashtras – aka India’s feng shui, which covers arts, crafts and design. The carvings in the building will also depict moments from the country’s mythology, from the Mahabharata to Ramayana. 

The temple will be open to the public for worship on 18 February 2024. Check in with FACT for more details. 

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