FACT Chats: Deborah Bruni on her world of artertainment

FACT Chats: Deborah Bruni on her world of artertainment



FACT catches up with French artist Deborah Bruni to discuss her latest exhibition in partnership with FACT Art.

Abu Dhabi's art scene will see a new addition when The Queen Of Colour exhibition opens its doors on Tuesday, 10 May 2022, at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas. The colourful new art exhibition by French artist Deborah Bruni features a collection of her recent art pieces that showcase colourful female-led motifs.

Why did you decide to become an artist? 

I have always thought that being an artist and living from your passion was reserved for others. However, the pandemic allowed me to open my eyes and make a real decision about what excites me. And that was painting and creation. So, with encouragement from my relatives, I started to create without fear or regret.

Have you always had a keen interest in the arts?

I remember that my parents always took me to museums, and as a child, I didn't understand. But they were correct to educate me in art, in all its forms, and to open myself up to all cultures. I was fortunate to have had access to art from a very young age and I'm doing the same with my daughter today.


What was it that brought you to Abu Dhabi to showcase your art?

Abu Dhabi fascinates me. It's like taking the plunge into painting. I could never have imagined presenting my work in this country and that's an absolute dream. This is a challenge that I accepted, thanks to my agent Annabel de Boysson. She always pushes me to go further and I thank her for that! I feel so lucky to bring this exhibition to a new audience at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas.

What can visitors expect from your exhibition at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas this May?

I always put my heart into everything I do and I hope to give visitors a unique experience for my first exhibition in Abu Dhabi. Artworks of Alienor, Josephine and Jeanne will come to life before the eyes of the spectators. Because all great stories begin with once upon a time...

Can you please describe your style and your creative process when creating these artworks?

I create two collections per year of about ten paintings. A bit like in fashion, one collection per season. I am inspired by what surrounds me and what is beautiful. Also, I am keen to highlight the strong, independent woman whom I like to sublimate, especially in this exclusive collection for Abu Dhabi. My style evolves according to my desires. But I would say that my style is contemporary with a street art tendency.


What's the greatest honour or compliment you've received as an artist?

It's hard to say and I'm not the best person to say it. What matters to me is seeing stars in the eyes of my collectors, clients or friends. At that precise moment, I tell myself that the message has passed and that they have understood the whole story that I wanted to convey.

Who are your inspirations in the art world? 

My inspirations come from the world around me, from what sublimates it and what sometimes destroys it. From a detail in my day that has caught my attention or even a freshly visited exhibition. I don't impose any rules on myself and don't respect any genre. My creativity has no limit. It comes from everyone and everywhere.

Do you have any quick advice for young artists looking to start a career?

If I have any advice to give at my level, it's really to dare! It is indeed the most difficult because you have to get "naked", but there is nothing to lose. There is everything to gain! And once this step has been crossed, which is not the least, we can face everything. Go for it! And have faith in yourself! Anything is possible with hard work and selflessness.

The Queen Of Colour exhibition will run for one month and marks the first endeavour of its kind for FACT Magazine under the new umbrella of 'FACT Art'.

GO: Visit www.deborah-bruni.com for more information.