Ashley Park adds a touch of charm as the new face of Pandora

Ashley Park adds a touch of charm as the new face of Pandora



The Emily in Paris star is the jewellery brand's new ambassador.

In a pleasant turn of events, Ashley Park of Emily in Paris-fame has embarked on a dazzling journey. She's now the global ambassador for the renowned jewellery brand, Pandora. The grand announcement took place amid the vibrant celebrations of Copenhagen Fashion Week. How cool is that? 

The jewellery brand took to Instagram to share the news: "Announcing Ashley Park as our new Pandora Global Ambassador! Seen in Pandora hosting our Copenhagen Fashion Week dinner. A warm welcome."

Now Pandora seems to hold a special place in everyone's heart and Ashley was no stranger to this sentiment either. In a heartwarming anecdote, she revealed her early connection with the brand. She remembered receiving her first Pandora when her father gifted her and her sister matching friendship bracelets. That sweet gesture struck a chord deep within Ashley's heart, proving that Pandora isn't just about charms – it's about creating memories that hit you right in the feels.

She shared: "I think there are signs from the universe and those kinds of things are always really meaningful and cool, so yay for Pandora memories!"

But that's not the only sentiment attached to this brand signing. Ashley's journey to becoming Pandora's global ambassador is intertwined with her friendship with Lily Collins. It was Lily who introduced Ashley to the enchanting world of Copenhagen Fashion Week, setting off a chain reaction that ends with Ashley snagging this awesome gig.

Ashley's role as Pandora's global ambassador is poised to take centre stage. Her creative flair and artistry sync with Pandora's vibe, making her the perfect fit to be the face of the brand.

As we sit here, practically buzzing with excitement for their upcoming collaborations, it's crystal clear that the Ashley Park Pandora collaboration is something straight out of a fairytale.

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