Million Dollar Listing UAE Interview: Rami Wahood

Million Dollar Listing UAE Interview: Rami Wahood



FACT chats exclusively to the cast memeber Rami Wahood at the premiere of the show. 

As STARZPLAY and Image Nation Abu Dhabi launch the new reality TV show, Million Dollar Listing UAE, we talked directly to the stars. The Emmy-nominated franchise started in the United States in 2006. Now, it is releasing the first international version, and it is already the talk of the town.

Rami Wahood joined the stellar cast and comes out with lines like “I eat listings for breakfast”. He has been in Dubai as well as the industry for more than 10 years, and works for fam Properties. 

Why did you come to Dubai? 

I actually came to Dubai for a Masters degree. I ended up joining real estate and focusing on the luxury segment. The rest is history. 

What was the most expensive place you’ve sold? 

For that, you’re going to have to tune into the show for all the secrets and inside scoops. 

What trends are you seeing in the property market? 

The ultra-luxury segment is extremely prominent at the moment. The prices are skyrocketing and they are just going through the roof. The market has never been hotter, as we speak, even though it is summer. The people buying are a good, diverse mix. We are seeing new nationalities buying in bulk, such as Russians and others. 

What top tips do you have for buyers? 

Make sure you have a trusted agent with a trusted agency, and with a proven track record. It’s very easy to get lost. 

What was the best part of filming? 

 It was extremely fun. The best part was working with the lovely team at Image Nation Abu Dhabi and STARZPLAY. They put such a magnificent cast together. 

What did you learn about yourself while filming? 

I learned so much about myself. I realised I can do this and it is something that is there for the taking. 

What’s the most millionaire thing you’ve done?

Probably this right here! I never thought that a day like this would be a reality, but it’s very exciting. 

Why should people watch the show? 

You’re going to learn about the buyers, sellers, main market players and the hottest properties in town. 

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