Katrina Kaif rejoins Etihad Airways as the face of luxury travel

Katrina Kaif rejoins Etihad Airways as the face of luxury travel



The Bollywood A-lister stars in the airline's latest campaign.

In an exciting development that's bound to set hearts aflutter, the UAE's national airline has officially welcomed Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif back into its fold. With the A-lister on board as the Etihad Airways brand ambassador, the Abu Dhabi-based airline is all set to soar to new heights.

The Katrina Kaif and Etihad Airways collaboration is a perfect match. Renowned for her global appeal and timeless elegance, Katrina embodies the shared commitment to excellence that both she and the airline represent. This exciting reunion promises to bring a series of captivating videos that will be showcased across Etihad's and Katrina's social channels.

The first video from this exciting collaboration features Katrina on board Etihad's newest A350 aircraft. It offers viewers a cinematic journey filled with emotions akin to a Bollywood film – featuring drama, love, and delightful surprises. The film also highlights the exclusive Armani-Casa dining wear, luxurious bedding, and complimentary in-flight Wi-Fly service, beautifully encapsulating the very essence of Etihad's unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Bollywood beauty gushed with excitement about her association with Etihad Airways. "The airline's commitment to excellence and its dedication to bringing people together resonate with my own values," said Katrina. "I am excited to be part of a team that aims to create thoughtful connections and memorable experiences. I look forward to representing Etihad and being a part of their journey."

This partnership marks a reunion between Katrina and Etihad Airways, dating back to 2010 when she was featured as a discerning traveller showcasing Etihad's travel experience. Her previous collaboration showcased her appreciation for the airline's commitment to comfort and top-notch service. Now, returning as a partner, Katrina and Etihad are set to celebrate their strengthening relationship with Indian communities, both domestically and in significant global markets.

As we eagerly anticipate more from this star-studded partnership, one thing is for sure – Katrina Kaif and Etihad Airways are all set to redefine luxury travel, one captivating video at a time.

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