The Classical Film Museum in Abu Dhabi will celebrate Arab cinema

The Classical Film Museum in Abu Dhabi will celebrate Arab cinema



As Arab cinema marks its centenary, the new museum pays tribute to its pioneers.

Lights, camera, Abu Dhabi. Movie buffs will be excited to hear that The Classical Film Museum is coming to the capital. The museum will celebrate pioneers in Arab cinema and aims to attract film lovers, researchers and specialists.

The announcement was made by The UAE Cultural Ambassadorship at the Arab League of Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation at the Arab World Institute in Paris. The museum is part of a cultural programme between Abu Dhabi and Paris. Plus, it coincides with the centenary of Arab classical cinema. 

So far, we know that The Classical Film Museum in Abu Dhabi will bring together the very best in Arab cinema. We’re expecting it to include films from famous Arabic film directors through the ages including Egyptian Amr Salama, Palestinian Annermarie Jacir, Palestinian Hany Abu Assad and Emirati Nujoom Al Ghanem. Plus, Saudi Arabia’s first female director, Haifaa Al Masour, who is behind the Academy Award-nominated Wadjda

The announcement for The Classical Film Museum in Abu Dhabi was attended by more than 400 Arab and foreign diplomats. Lang, President of the Institut du Monde Arabe, explained: “We are very happy and honoured that Alesco chose the IMA to pay a tribute to the classic Arab cinema. I am pleased by the UAE Ambassador for Culture, who is doing remarkable work to develop art, culture and movies”

Dr Ahmado Habibi, Alesco expert, added: “The role of Alesco is to continuously serve Arab expressions of culture and the idea of Alesco ambassadors is what we strive to showcase in the programmes we work with.”

Movie magic awaits.

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