421 Abu Dhabi offers new workshops and exhibitions

421 Abu Dhabi offers new workshops and exhibitions



There's a diverse array of activities in store for you.

Abu Dhabi's vibrant cultural scene is continuously evolving, and at the heart of this transformation is 421 Abu Dhabi. This independent platform has become a hub for emerging artists and creative practitioners in the UAE, offering a nurturing environment for creativity and innovation.

Through its diverse programs and events, 421 fosters artistic development and promotes social inquiry. This winter, visitors can expect an exciting array of workshops and exhibitions that are a must-attend.

Palestinian Cinema Days: Until 29 October

421 also emphasises the importance of highlighting Palestinian voices. In response to the ongoing crisis in Gaza, they are hosting Palestinian Cinema Days. This four-day film program showcases feature-length films by Palestinian filmmakers from around the world. All proceeds from the program go to the Emirates Red Crescent campaign Tarahum - for Gaza. This event underscores the power of cinema in shedding light on important issues and giving voice to marginalised communities.

Earthly Joys: Until 21 December

Titled Earthly Joys, this workshop celebrates the profound connection between humanity and nature. Coinciding with COP28 and offering a youth-led approach to deepen our connection with the environment, this program presents diverse activities, talks, and special events that empower and educate through collaborations with UAE-based and homegrown artists, researchers, and initiatives. These events aim to preserve and celebrate our planet, fostering a sense of harmony in nature.

Asma Belhamar: Solid Void: Until 31 December

This solo exhibition explores the UAE's architectural history. Artist Asma Belhamar reflects on culture and national identity, inspired by scenes from a 1970s music video. Her work delves into the UAE's history through its man-made landscapes and the interplay between Western architecture and neo-Islamic patterns. This exhibition showcases the topographic evolution of the UAE and its aesthetic identity.

Nine Nodes of Non-Being: Until 31 December

This exhibition features works by nine artists and researchers from various regions. It takes a unique approach to climate-related extinction, examining various states of negation and excess. It challenges our understanding of the climate crisis and aims to provoke new ways of thinking about our relationship with the environment.

Situated in Mina Zayed, 421 Abu Dhabi catalyses artistic growth, sparking creativity and providing a dynamic, inclusive platform for engaging discussions. We'll find you there.

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